Making a Difference...not just a tag-line but the reason our school exists. We strive to center everything we do around the love of Jesus to make a difference in the spiritual, academic, and emotional lives of our students. Making a difference for today, and making a difference for eternity! Here's what some of our school family members, current students, and alumni are saying...
What Parents are Saying
"I heard a story today about a child of someone I know from my mom’s group last year…her 5 year old daughter in 4k was told by her teacher today that she couldn’t talk about God in school…the teacher told the child’s father the same thing after school.
 I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to have Jesus central in what [my child] is learning.  I’m reassured of it every time I’m in your classroom.
We are so thankful [our child] is in your class at St Pauls!:)"

"I have nothing but good to say about St. Paul's! My kids are doing so awesome at St. Paul's and I know in my
heart that I made the right decision when we switched our son there.  I thank God that I know I made the right choice!"


What Students are Saying
"Having a Christian education has affected me in many different ways since pre-school. I learn about Jesus everyday, and I get to study new things about him every day. All the teachers are kind and really care about you. I think that having a Christian education affects the way you act. We want to let our light shine. We also want to live for Jesus. We all care for each other."

"Having a Christian education has changed me. Before I came to St. Paul’s, I didn’t know who God was - I just heard about him. Now I know who he is and believe in him. This is a great school that can change anyone. Now that I  believe in God, I can live with him for eternity."

"I think having a Christian education has really strengthened my faith. I get to talk about my faith openly. I will always have someone who cares about me and who is willing to encourage me in my faith. In my life, Jesus has truly become my firm foundation and will reign in my heart for my whole life. If I didn’t go to a Christian school, I maybe wouldn’t have the same attitude or faith I have today. My years here at St. Paul’s have shaped me into the person I am today. I am very thankful God has blessed me to let me attend this school."

"I think that having a Christian education is very special, because I know that many people aren’t able to learn about God like I do. I think it’s very good that St. Paul’s teaches so many kids about God, because then all of the kids go and teach others about God - it’s like a chain reaction with more and more people learning about God. I am so lucky that I can get such a good Christian education at St. Paul’s. I wish that more people would come and get a great Christian education."

Alumni News