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Want to know more about Wisconsin Lutheran High School? Here are some answers to "Why should your child attend WLHS?"

Interest Form: Can be filled out for people considering enrollment (no obligation) or for those interested in learning more about WLHS at any age.
WLHS Financial Aid Information...Financial Assistance / Grants --- Scholarships 

Admissions director, Kirk Denoyer kirk.denoyer@wlhs.org 414-435-4567 Ext 2303

New for 2013-2014 – The WLHS Viking Passport!  
All of our students in grades 4-8 will be mailed a WLHS Passport for the 2013-2014 school year. Each time the child attends a game, a meet, or attends a play or concert, they will get a stamp in their passport. After 5 stamps are given, the student wins a t-shirt and their name goes into a drawing for an iPad. After 10 stamps, their name goes into a drawing for a $1000 drawing for a WLHS scholarship!
Email Mark Ricke, Director of Enrollment, if you have question:  mark.ricke@wlhs.org


WLHS Admission process  (Link to WLHS pages)

Exploring Enrollment?
If you have interest in attending Wisconsin Lutheran High School, click here to fill out their interest form so that they can learn about you and your interests. By completing this form they'll make sure you learn about the aspects of WLHS that most interest you and don't miss any important deadlines when it comes time to apply for school.
(If you have questions about WLHS and would like to a parent of a student, please contact Mr. Fitzsimmons and he'll help you out!)

All applications to Wisconsin Lutheran High School are submitted online through the servicer TADS beginning Oct 1, 2013. Click here to apply now. You can also use this link to login to your account and return to an application that is in process.. Questions regarding the application process can be directed to Kirk DeNoyer, Director of Admissions by email or 414.453.4567 ext. 2303.

Entrance Exam
All applicants are required to complete the WLHS Entrance Exam in order to be admitted. A completed Application for Enrollment must be submitted prior to taking the entrance exam. Late testing may be provided in the Spring if space remains available in the 9th grade class.
Students who have completed and returned the application will be registered for the Future Freshmen Entrance Exam, given on Friday December 6, 2013 starting at 7:45am. Information about the exam will be sent to you in the mail.
If you have any questions please call Kirk Denoyer at 414-435-4567 Ext 2303, or kirk.denoyer@wlhs.org .

All students must now register online. The link to online registration through our servicer TADS will be sent directly to you by email if you are a returning student or after you have completed an application for admissions, and have been admitted for entrance. For questions regarding the WLHS application process, please contact the WLHS Director of Admissions Kirk DeNoyer at 414-453-4567, ext. 2303.


For more information about Wisco, click on the links or feel free to talk to Mr. Bremer at school.

Chapel Videos on Vimeo

The Wisco Advantageis a magazine published with the parents of prospective Wisco students in mind. The publication includes spotlights on current students, information on preparing grade school age students for WLHS, and testimonials about our school.

WLHS Principal's Newsletter covers the most up-to-date news from our school for students and parents. It includes correspondence from the principal as well as information and dates for upcoming activities and events. It is published eleven times a year.